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Bleach bath seared skin before death

A series of assumptions and miscommunications led nurses to douse an elderly woman in a bleach solution some 650 times too strong, a coroner has found. Epenesa Pahiva should have been treated with a solution of half a cup of bleach to half a bath of water — but instead the solution was made one-to-one.… Read More »

Tea before bed does not affect quality of sleep, study shows

Caffeine is a known powerful stimulant that perks up drinkers, increases alertness and promotes wakefulness. Yet a surprising new study has found drinking tea or coffee within four hours of bedtime does not affect sleep at all. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University and Harvard Medical School recorded how much caffeine, alcohol and nicotine 785 volunteers… Read More »

The importance of patient education before surgery

A guest column by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, exclusive to KevinMD.com. For years, research and common belief have supported the concept that patient education alters patient behavior and improves patient outcomes. For instance, lifestyle changes, implemented after improved physician-patient engagement and education, have demonstrated clinical benefits in a wide range of chronic illnesses, such as cardiovascular… Read More »