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Using medical students as admin support helps doctors care for 15% more patients an hour

Should all doctors be given SECRETARIES? Using medical students as admin support helps consultants care for 15% more patients an hour Scribes record details of the consultation, arrange tests and print paperwork In a study, the admin support reduced a patient’s emergency care stay by 19mins Cost analysis found scribes put hospitals in a ‘favourable financial… Read More »

Radiology Firing Line | Meet the Patients

By SAURABH JHA  Should Radiologists talk with Patients? In this episode of Radiology Firing Line Podcast, Ian Amber MD, assistant professor of radiology at Georgetown University advocates for patient interaction. Listen to our conversation here. Saurabh Jha is a contributing editor to THCB and host of Radiology Firing Line Podcast of the Journal of American… Read More »

Mobile app for pacemaker patients trims need for monitors

Medtronic is marketing a mobile app for patients with pacemakers that communicates with patients’ smartphones and tablet devices. The MyCareLink Heart app securely sends device data to the Medtronic CareLink network, which can eliminate the need for remote monitoring hardware, according to the vendor, which manufactures biomedical engineering devices and technology. “The mobile app is… Read More »