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Al Interviews Mike Schlossberg, PA State Representative and Author

In this episode, Al interviews Mike Schlossberg, a Pennsylvania State Representative and author (recorded 5-28-18). Mike is best known in his State Representative position for his work around mental health and education. He has been open about his own struggles of depression and anxiety that began at age eighteen. Mike is also a published author.… Read More »

Cleveland Clinic rebrands newly acquired Florida hospitals, broadens footprint in Sunshine State

Cleveland Clinic has now officially rebranded four hospitals whose acquisition deals recently closed. Indian River Medical Center and Martin Health System leaders met with Cleveland Clinic officials Thursday and they also gathered with caregivers to share their vision for the newly integrated hospitals. THE IMPACT Both acquisitions will broaden Cleveland Clinic’s Florida footprint, as Martin… Read More »

‘They can’t do it themselves’: If parents refuse to vaccinate their kids, should the state do it for them?

The Vaccine Information Network, an online community of like-minded parents who believe children are being “poisoned” by vaccines, recently posted a message describing measles as a mild and harmless disease that leaves a “stronger, healthier child in its wake.” In fact, measles is a highly contagious virus that can attack the fatty protective sheath that wraps… Read More »