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How online personal training helped me lose weight and belly fat (Caliber Fitness review)

Online personal training is getting more and more popular these days as it’s cheaper than hiring a personal trainer in the gym so now more people than ever are considering working with personal trainers online to reach their weight loss and fitness goals. A while back I got contacted by Caliber Fitness, an online personal… Read More »

Weight Watchers’ Profits Plummet as More People Embrace Ketogenic Diet

Weight Watchers, one of the world’s largest diet companies, is struggling yet again as shares dwindle amid “competition” from ketogenic diets. In 2011, the company gave up on calorie counting, admitting it was “unhelpful.” Now, CNN Business reports people are increasingly turning away from carbs — and diets that promote them. “CEO Mindy Grossman attributed… Read More »

Gottlieb throws FDA weight behind industry move to continuous manufacturing

Three years ago, Johnson & Johnson’s HIV drug Prezista was the only product approved by the FDA to be produced with continuous manufacturing. Now, there are four companies manufacturing five approved products using what the FDA calls CM processes. Twenty others are on the road to their own approvals.  The FDA however, wants to speed the process… Read More »